Playground Rules

  • Is it safe for all people?

  • Am I friendly to other, and am I using appropriate language?

  • Am I taking care of myself, others and the playground?


  • No running on bark area.

  • Tag is not to be played on or near the apparatus.

  • No Rough Play will be tolerated on apparatus.

  • Students should only travel in one direction when using the rings/triangle bars.

  • No student is to climb on the slide or stand on slide.

  • When sliding, the student must be seated in a forward position.

  • No stopping while on the slide.

  • Only one person person on the slide at a time.

  • Don’t twist the chains on the swings.

  • No standing on swing seats or swinging on your stomach.

  • No saving swings.

  • Don’t walk in front of people swinging.

  • No throwing the swings at people.

  • No jumping off the swings.

  • Don’t climb up the swing poles or run between swings.

  • You may “count” to 100 (at a normal pace) on someone swinging and then it is your turn on that swing. The person getting off the swing cannot count back on the same person, but must go to a different swing.

  • You are not allowed in or on the trees.


  • The server must serve the ball with one foot in the corner triangle.

  • Square 1 is always the server.

  • Server bounces ball, then hits it underhand to square 4.

  • The ball must bounce only once in the square and then that player hits it to another square.

  • Backstops are allowed except on the serve. (the person receiving the serve may not backstop)

  • The ball must be struck with an open hand.

  • Waiting players line up at least 2 feet from the game.(behind the white line)

  • Stepping on or over the line is a foul, causing the player to be out. (except when stepping out of your own square)

  • Players rotate towards square 1. Only the person who is "out" leaves the game.

  • New players enter at square 4.

  • If the ball hits on a line, it is an out for the hitter.

  • If the ball is made to bounce over an opponent’s head, it is an out for the hitter.

  • Backstops are allowed (this is the only time a player is allowed to hit the ball twice) however the ball must still bounce once in the receivers square before they hit the ball to another square.

  • The people in line will vote on a foul has occurred.

  • No negative comments.


  • Must be played on grass field only.

  • Form two equal teams. (mix grades, boys and girls)

  • Outs are made by catching the ball or tagging a base, or by hitting a runner below the shoulders. Do not throw the ball at a runner if a tag can get them out.

  • After three outs, teams change sides.

  • Same batting/kicking order for a complete recess. Always continue where you left off the previous inning.

  • There must be a new pitcher each inning.

  • If you played in the infield one inning, you must play in the outfield the next.

  • The kicker must kick the ball at home plate. (you must wait for the ball to reach the plate before it is kicked)

  • No stealing bases.

  • No leading off.

  • No negative comments!


  • You may not hit the ball with any part of the body other than the hands.

  • You may not stop continuous play by holding or catching the ball.

  • You may not touch the pole with any part of the body.

  • No “ropes” swinging or grabbing the tetherball by the rope.

  • No sitting on the tetherball.

  • You may not step on or over the boundary lines of your chosen play area.

  • No climbing of the pole or adjusting of the rope and chain are allowed.

  • The game is over when the rope is completely wound around the pole.

  • No negative comments!


  • Bump is for 4th to 6th grade students.
  • Form a line at the three-point line.
  • Use only two balls.
  • No double bumps or “prove it”.
  • After you have made your basket, or have gotten out, pass the ball immediately to the next person in line.
  • The winner is the FIRST person in line for the next game.
  • No negative comments!


  • Object of the Game: Attempt to sneak across the border, find and capture the enemy flag, and then race back without being tagged. Win by capturing the enemy flag and carrying it back to your side of the border.
  • Honesty & Good Sportsmanship!!!! No arguing, no name calling!!!
  • Flag is placed in Center of the Circle and can be guarded, but guards must stay 20 feet away.
  • Enemy in Circle is not safe and guards can then enter circle to tag them.
  • If tagged while carrying flag, flag must be returned to Center of Circle, and tagged player goes to “jail”
  • Flag must be carried across the border by the person who took it out of the Circle. No throwing the flag to other players.
  • Capture enemy players by tagging them while they are on your side of the border.
  • Put the captured enemy players in “jail” (If someone says they tagged you just go to “jail”)
  • Rescue teammate in “jail” by sneaking across the border and tagging you r teammates. (May free more than one teammate at a time)


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