Attendance Policy

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Mt. Erie Elementary is launching our 2nd Annual “Every Student, Every Day” program designed to improve student attendance. Research shows that the best single predictor of school success is attendance; being on time to school and attending every day. As early as kindergarten, multiple tardies and absences can cause a child to fall behind academically and socially. Chronic absences are a reliable predictor of non-completion of high school.

Absences are not just a problem for the children who are not in class. Whole classrooms can be affected if the teacher has to slow down and repeat directions to help tardy or absent students catch up.

Mt. Erie is beginning a new program “Every Student Every Day” with the support of the Skagit County Truancy Program to encourage full attendance. Our goal is to improve student attendance, thus improving student learning.

Every Student Every Day’ Incentive Program

Research shows that the first month of school is critical in establishing more regular attendance for the entire rest of the school year.

Every Student Every Day’ - Be the first grade level classroom to spell the word, Attendance and your class will win a pizza party. Starting September 10th each classroom teacher will discuss the importance of coming to school every day, on time. For each day a classroom is in full attendance they earn a letter that will be displayed. The first classroom at each grade level to spell the word attendance will earn a pizza party. Classrooms that spell the word later will earn an Excellent Attendance pencil for each student.

Beat the Bell Trophy - A trophy will be given to one class per grade level, each week. Each week our school will track tardies for every classroom in the building. On Friday, we will determine which classes have the best record. Each Monday morning, the class winners in each grade level will be announced. The winners will have the privilege of having the “Beat the Bell” trophy in their room for the week.

BAM! Best Attendance of the Month - This grade level incentive will be provided to one classroom at each grade level each month. It is given for the best attendance for the month. The prizes will kept a secret to make things more exciting and fun for the students.

Quarterly Individual Student Recognition

Quarterly Guidelines:

  • 0 Absences and up to 2 Tardies or 1 Absence and 0 tardies

  • Every quarter students have a “clean slate.”

Students that meet quarterly guidelines receive a certificate, personally delivered by the principal.

Important Note:

Washington State Law requires school attendance until age 18 .

  • One unexcused Absence – the school shall contact parents

  • Two Unexcused Absences – the school shall schedule a conference with parent and student RCW28A.225.020(1)&(a&b)

  • Five and Ten Unexcused Absences – schools shall file a petition against the student and/or parent when a student accumulates five absences in a month or ten in year. RCW28A.225.030(1)&(2)(c)

It is important at Mt. Erie that Every Student Every Day attend school because attendance matters!

Learning to attend school regularly and on time can help children develop the skills of reliability and perseverance which help them succeed in school and life. When we have Every Student Every Day attend school and be on time, everyone wins. Thank you for your help.

We are looking forward to another great year at Mt. Erie!


Stacey Estenson, School Counselor
‘Every Student Every Day’ Coordinator

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